I love a monochromatic face because it’s harmonious and chic. But there are ways to add a little more style to it and this way is my favorite! Here’s how to pair matte and metallic finishes in the same shade:


  • A Matte Warm Brown Eye Shadow — I used two shades (force of nature and natural beauty) from this matte eye shadow palette ($$$) but you can also try the two middle shades from the middle row of this palette ($).
  • A Metallic Copper or Bronze Liquid Liner for the Top Lashline — I used this one ($$$) in Golden Bronze on Lauren above but you can also try this one ($$) in Snakebite.
  • A Mettalic Copper or Bronze Pencil for the Bottom Lashline — I used this one ($$$) in Bronzed Garnett but love this one ($$) in Trickster.
  • A Terracotta Blush — I used this baked blush swirl ($$) in Tropic Hues because I’m obsessed with baked blushes!
  • A Peachy Nude Lip — Lauren’s wearing this one ($$) in Soho Nude.


  1. Apply the lighter warm matte brown shade all over the lid and bottom lashline.
  2. Apply the darker warm matte brown shade to the crease of the upper lid.
  3. Line the top lashline with the metallic bronze shade. You can wing it out if you want it even more stylized.
  4. Line the bottom lashline and inner waterline with the bronze pencil.
  5. Coat the lashes with mascara.
  6. Pop the cheek with the terracotta blush on either the apples or high on the cheekbone, depending on your face shape and preference.
  7. Finish with the peachy nude lipstick.

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